Nuno de Almeida Campos was born on November 11 of 1982. Attracted by the world of arts, he expresses a very particular feel for drawing and painting.  In 2003, he completed a Drawing and Illustration for Fashion course from CIVEC (Center of Garments and Confection Industry), in Lisbon, where he explored the bases of the bodylines and the esthetics of colors.
He left for Florence Italy in 2004, where he deepened his drawing in another form, jewellery, graduating as a European Orafo Designer, from the school of Le Arti Orafe.
In 2005 he created New Karma, starting a new path for jewelry, inspired by the sea, by old civilizations, by our very own essence… by our Feeling.
The need to know how to work the metal, becomes inevitable amongst the limitations of drawing and from 2006-2008 he completed his artistic goldsmith course  from the Jewellery School – Contacto Directo, in Lisbon.
During 2009 he started  the Sculpture course at the Art school ARCO in Lisbon opening space for Sculpture and Home living work.
In 2011  he travelled with is family to Auroville in India where he was based until 2015, facilitating jewellery workshops working has sound terapist  and  working has a volunteer in Art and Sound Teraphy for children with speecial needs in Deepam school.

He and his wife returned to their hometown, Cascais, and Founded a new Project, Casa das Artes e oficios, in 2017,  a community project with the mission of developing Art and consciessness for all the children of tomorrow.

…”Give to a tree good soil, Love and water ….and it will give you good fruits.”